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 Returning Banned Members

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PostSubject: Returning Banned Members   Returning Banned Members EmptySun Oct 18, 2015 1:34 pm http://winxclub.site-forums.com

Returning Banned Members

What are returning banned members?
Returning banned members are people who have been banned previously for various reasons. They are to be placed on a one-strike-status.

The one-strike-status
Returning banned members are to be given the one-strike-status, OSS for short. Simply, they will be given 3 reminders only for ALL RULES, the third one resulting in a warning. So in other words, three reminders for anything will result in a warning. In the event they receive a warning this is an automatic ban from the support forum. People on OSS automatically have their warning bar changed to a serious warning. A note should also be left in the mod box

Spotting returning banned members

Generally it can be somewhat difficult to spot returning banned members, especially if it is a significant time since they were last banned. If you suspect a member of being a returning banned member then you can do the following.

=> Search the person's IP address, this can be done very easily by visiting a post they’ve made and clicking the button that says IP, for reference this is what the button looks like.

=> Check the old persons profile and see if any profile information matches the suspected user. You should look for date of birth, age, city/country. Note: Be careful, as this isn’t solid proof but can help confirm suspicions.

=> Check posting patterns, language etc. You’d be surprised how many people when trying to keep up a new persona use the same habits as they did before.

=> Check Usernames: Quite often people might sign up with something similar to their last username.

 Exclamation Generally confirmation via IP address is the best solution. However, if you have strong beliefs then contact a manager with any evidence you have and they can help you investigate further.

What should I do if an IP address confirms that a person is a returning banned member?

First of all post in the person's mod box saying who they once were and also maybe say how you have confirmed this. If you deem it necessary then you can post a thread discussing the member in the staff section. Again SM's and administrators will always be at hand if you have any doubt in what to do. You'll also want to fill out the form located here.

Should their warning bar change at all?
Yes, all banned members are put on One Strike Status and therefore have their warning bar changed to a serious warning.

Credits to FM for this information !
Returning Banned Members
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