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 Rules of Graphic Request Section

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Rules of Graphic Request Section Green10

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PostSubject: Rules of Graphic Request Section   Rules of Graphic Request Section EmptySat Jul 11, 2015 6:57 am http://winxclub.site-forums.com

Graphic Request Rules and Regulations
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Main Rules

  1. Make sure that the topic title of your request contains the nature of your request ( e.g. Requesting a Banner ). If the topic title contains some nonsense that are not connected to your request ( e.g. Hi! ), Graphic Designers have the right to lock your request.
  2. Do not request via PM, as we do not allow support via PM.
  3. Do not harass any Designer when they haven't completed your request, as they cannot complete each request from everyone. Members, as well, can complete requests.
  4. An "In Progress" topic icon will be added if a Designer is working on a particular request. However, other Designers can update the request, for notification purposes.
  5. If the product you asked for has been finished by a Designer or a member, they will give it to you and wait for your approval. If it is enough for you and completes your request, please mark the topic "Completed". If you didn't reply for at least ten days and a member or a designer already had gave you his finished product, we will lock your request and move it to "Completed Graphic Requests" section.
  6. You can post constructive comments about a graphic, but not offensive comments. Please do not flame or criticize.
  7. You can bump your thread, but they must be at least separated by 24 hours.
  8. You are only allowed to have two requests per week.
  9. A request will cost you credits, and the specific credits given by the member who completed your request will be taken from your credits and added to his.
  10. You must donate a minimum of 5 credits and a maximum of 15 credits (Designer will choose how much you will have to donate) to a Graphic Designer when he completed your request.
  11. Please use the form required to request.

Required Form

[left][b][color=#ff3399]Nature of Request[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#00ccff]Size in Pixels[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#ff3399]Font to be Used[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#00ccff]Primary Color[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#ff3399]Secondary Color[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#00ccff]Images to be Included[/color][/b](link):
[b][color=#ff3399]Text to Insert[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#ff3399]Detailed Description[/color][/b]:[/left]
Nature of Request:
Size in Pixels:
Font to be Used:
Primary Color:
Secondary Color:
Images to be Included(link):
Text to Insert:
Detailed Description:
Rules of Graphic Request Section
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