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 Theme Suggestions—Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Theme Suggestions—Basic Rules   Theme Suggestions—Basic Rules EmptySat Aug 22, 2015 7:07 am http://winxclub.site-forums.com


1. Spam. Spamming is strictly forbidden. Spamming is when you post two same messages at the same time. Spams will be immediately removed by either the Head Co-Admin or the Founder.

2. Adult content. No profanity or pornography is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted.

3. Credits. If you had modified a theme that was made by another theme maker, please ask permission to that person before posting it here. The makers of any images used in that theme should have the rightful credits to be placed in the topic of registration.

4. Illegal content. No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be removed.

5. Suggestions. We accept suggestions from any staff of WCC.

6. Designers and Suggestions. Suggestions will be monitored by a graphic designer. A designer will post if he or she likes it, or if a suggestion should be improved. They will tell you how to improve it, or just immediately accept it. If they post and you didn't respond for ten days, your suggestion will immediately be declined.

7. Emotions. Some of us may feel jealous at the others that got their suggestions accepted, because their suggestions got declined. Some may feel mad at those who declined theirs. Please PM me so I could help you with your problem.

8. Registration form. Your proposal will be declined if you do not submit the right form. If you forgot to submit it with, we will give you a day to edit your proposal and if it is not changed, your proposal will immediately be declined.
Registration Form:
[left][b][color=#ff3399]Theme Name[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#00ccff]Primary Color[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#ff3399]Secondary Color[/color][/b]:
[b][color=#00ccff]Font Style[/color][/b](includes font size and font):
[b][color=#ff3399]Usage of CSS?[/color][/b](underline your answer): Yes/No
[b][color=#00ccff]Usage of Templates?[/color][/b](underline your answer): Yes/No
[b][color=#00ccff]Theme Preview[/color][/b]:
[b]Link to the Theme[/b]:

9. Proposal time limit. If a graphic designer had posted a suggestion without any reply for ten days, the proposal is declined. A proposal that got 0 reply within ten days will not get declined. A month of improving shall be given to the proposals and the creators themselves, and a month of deciding for the graphic designers.

10. Themes. Themes should always be phpBB2 in version. It shall be used in a forum hosted by ForuMotion, so it should be made using a ForuMotion forum. The forum to be used is:
We will monitor this forum everyday, so please do not post irrelevant things in this forum.

11. After making the theme, the theme should be uploaded at Hitskin.com. Then, link it to us so we can see how it will look on the selected forum the theme was suggested for.
Theme Suggestions—Basic Rules
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